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Need A Tractor But Think You Can’t Afford One?

Have You Thought About Building Your Own?

The Inexpensive Way to Own Your Own Tractor. With second hand compact tractors starting at around £4000 for a fairly world-weary model, you'd be forgiven for being sceptical about a range of brand new tractors boasting the diminutive starting price of just £4,450 . You may be even more surprised to learn that Siromer's popularity and reputation for reliability has single-handedly depressed the second hand tractor market! (as featured in the Guardian Newspaper) You’re probably wondering what’s missing, after all the price sounds too good to be true, right? Well with the Siromer brand you don’t have to, you’ll find everything you get on a traditional tractor just in a more compact size. You’ll get Power Steering, Rear Hydraulics, 4WD, PTO plus there’s an option to choose either a Shuttle or Creeper Gearbox on some models, along with a choice of Turf or Agricultural Tyres. With engine sizes ranging from 16hp - 75hp there are 12 models to choose from. Add to this a huge choice of accessories such as Front End Loaders, Backhoes, Haymaking Equipment, Soil Prep, etc and you’ll find you’ve met all your farming requirements in one place. So, do you want to be the proud owner of a high spec compact tractor that is easy to maintain, robust, reliable and most importantly affordable? Are you up for the challenge of building one for yourself?

If you’ve answered “yes” then Siromer Tractors are the go to people, all you need to put into the mix is a little mechanical knowledge, some patience and a few rounds with the teapot! The lower engine range (16hp - 35hp) from Siromer Tractors are available to purchase as a Flat Pack Tractor, which gives you an inexpensive way to build and own your own tractor. Once you’ve decided which model best suits your requirements your tractor will be delivered in a crate, together with a tool kit and an extensive instruction manual, in English, that will guide you through the process of building. Before you panic it’s worth mentioning that in almost 20 years of business no-one has ever been unsuccessful at building their own Siromer and it’s good to know that they’re only a phone call away if you want any advice. Friends and neighbours will certainly be impressed when you tell them you’ve built it yourself plus you will have acquired a great working knowledge of how your tractor operates; making it easier for you to service and maintain. There’s no set time limit on how long it takes, some people can build one in a weekend, for others it may take a bit longer, whilst for some it can be done in a day! However long it takes you there is one thing for’ll be a proud owner of a tractor that you’ve built yourself! So give yourself the challenge of building your own compact tractor and you’ll be rewarded with a high spec machine that will keep you up and running for years to come. If the thought of building your own tractor is a little too daunting for you then don’t worry you can still take advantage of owning a tractor from Siromer. They have a network of nationwide dealers around the UK who offer a reasonably priced construction service whereby they can build your tractor for you and have it delivered to you all ready to go. And if you’re looking for a larger pre-assembled model then you’ll still get a great deal on prices. The larger models also have the option to be fitted with a cab on the 40 & 50hp, whilst the 75hp has a cab as standard. After years of intensive development Siromer have been instrumental in designing a range of high specification compact tractors that are not only easy to build, but are easy to maintain and reliable. With over 4000 tractors sold within the UK alone you can be sure that Siromer is the brand for you.

For more information on the complete range of tractors and equipment visit or call them on 01253 799029

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