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Siromer 254CH Review

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Siromer 254CH we bought this tractor in 2018 as a second tractor for carrying out the lighter duties around home when our larger loader tractor was busy, it does everything we need with ease topping, spraying, grading horse arena, harrowing, rolling (full size 9ft concrete filled roller) in addition to this I also use it for our contracting business with a rotovator and a cable/pipe plough for laying pipes and electric cables, we can do 100s of metres a day with ease, the tractor exceeds my expectations and I’m always trying it at a new level just to see what it will do, as for reliability and build quality other than my wife running it out of diesel it’s never broke down or failed to start, I service it myself which is simple to do and tighten the odd thing up that may come loose, I have only ever had cause to ring the dealer once over a minor issue and the answer was there waiting so the issue resolved instantly, never a problem with spares and service items and delightful people on the phone.

In summary a great tractor at a fraction of the cost of others and always puts a smile on my face.

Dave Spencer

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